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Finding the best deal to insure your herbs and spices shop can be a chore. Concerned about the cost? Wondering what insurance you need? Relax. Help is at hand; not just from a single insurer or broker, but a whole panel of them!

Why do herbs and spices businesses need insurance?

Every shop has risks and insurance is there to stop them turning into disasters. herbs and spices enterprises are no different. None of us wants to pay too much for it though!

Why should I buy my herbs and spices business insurance via this website?

  • Your choice isn't limited by dealing with a single broker. There is a panel of brokers able to search for the best quotes for you.
  • Google rate us at 4.7/5 and Trustpilot say we are 'GREAT!'
  • We don't spend a fortune on advertising - and you know who pays for that in the end!
  • This service is completely independent; we have no allegiance to any particular insurers so are completely unbiased.
  • We are members of the British Insurance Brokers Association; which requires, and gets, the highest ethical standards from it's members.
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What insurance do herbs and spices shops need?

The only legally compulsory insurance that herbs and spices ventures need is employers liability insurance, if any staff (apart from a very limited number) are employed. However some suppliers, customers or trade associations insist on others too.

As an absolute minimum every herbs and spices shop owner should consider public liability insurance. In a compensation world a customer who trips and falls in your shop, or suffers any injury, whether physical or financial, might sue you. Public liability insurance could not only protect you from claims like this but also benefit your customers by making sure that adequate funds should be available for their support if necessary.

Buildings and contents policies are also a priority for many herbs and spices enterprise owners. A fire or flood can cause immense damage and records show that the majority of uninsuredshops that suffer these go out of business within two years.

Depending upon how your herbs and spices business is constructed, business interruption, product liability, theft, and even reputational damage insurance might be considered.

Why don't you offer online quotes for herbs and spices insurance?

Simple. Every single business is different. Different locations, products, turnovers, business ambitions, experience, staffing levels, amd many other variables. Standard policies that cover every business can lead to providing cover which is not necessary to you (which you would still have to pay for) or, perhaps worse, can miss out essential items your business really needs. Good brokers can advise you on all of these and look for the best value policies for you, as an individual.

Don't brokers charge fees for advising on herbs and spices shop insurance?

Just like all the businesses that run price comparison sites, they get a commission from insurance companies for every policy they sell. The difference is that unlike the owners of price comparison sites they will tell you what this commission is if you ask them!

How can I get quotes for insuring my herbs and spices shop?

Simple. Just fill in the short form and relax whilst the brokers do their jobs. The quotes will soon arrive!

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